If you have a cesspit or sewage holding tank that needs emptying Deddington Liquid Waste can provide you with a fast, professional service. 

We empty Elsan units at marinas on the canal network, campsite holding tanks and cesspits on domestic and farm properties.

We’ve been emptying cesspits and sewage tanks for over 30 years and our experienced operators will ensure your tank is emptied and de-sludged properly, and the work is carried out safely.

Cesspit Emptying

A cesspit (or cesspool) is a sealed holding tank with no waste water outlet so the tank must be pumped out regularly, before nearing maximum capacity, to prevent overflow.  

The frequency of pumping out will depend on the tank size and the number of people using the system. 

You should not lift the tank lid to check sewage levels as you risk being overcome by toxic gases very quickly.  Alarms should always be fitted to alert you before the liquid waste reaches maximum level.   

To keep sludge accumulation to a minimum in cesspits and prevent the formation of lumps of solidified fat it’s important to:

Signs that something may be wrong include slow drains or water backing up in sinks, basins and toilets, foul odours or land around the tank becoming waterlogged by overflow. 

Our Service Area

Our tankers operate across Northamptonshire and all the surrounding counties.  We empty septic tanks for homes and business in the countryside and villages across 6 counties.  

Our Sewage Disposal Services

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