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Whether you have a domestic sewage treatment plant or a larger commercial system, Deddington Liquid Waste can provide you with a fast, professional sewage disposal service.

We empty large sewage treatment plants for commercial customers including hotels, nursing homes and rural businesses and smaller, domestic sewage treatment plants serving one or a number of households.

Our tanker operators will ensure your plant is pumped out and desludged thoroughly, and the work is carried out safely.  They are fully trained, experienced with all systems including Klargesters, and will provide you with feedback on the condition of your system.

If you are planning periodic plant maintenance we can co-ordinate our tanker service with the visit of your maintenance engineer.

Treatment Plant Desludging

Although sewage treatment plants reduce the amount of solid waste produced they still need to be pumped out regularly to ensure they are operating within environmental regulations.

If the sludge is not removed your treatment plant will not work efficiently and the quality of the treated effluent will gradually worsen. The effluent will not comply with legal requirements and will contaminate the environment, damaging both your plant and the soak away, drainage field, ditch or stream that the unit discharges into.

The frequency of pumping out depends on the type and capacity of the treatment plant and the number of people using the system.   Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

We regularly work with leading sewage system installation and maintenance specialists and can refer you on to local engineers if you are experiencing difficulties with your system.

To keep your treatment plant operating efficiently it’s important to take care of the bacteria and not overload the system.

Signs that your treatment plant needs de-sludging include: a thick crust on the surface,  poor quality effluent discharge that may appear cloudy or grey and a foul odour.  Your pump or blower may also fail to switch on, or not operate correctly.

Our Service Area

Our tankers operate across Northamptonshire and all the surrounding counties.  We empty septic tanks for homes and business in the countryside and villages across 6 counties.  

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