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If you run a commercial kitchen and need your grease traps or grease interceptor emptying Deddington Liquid Waste can provide you with a fast, professional service. 

We regularly pump out and clean kitchen grease traps and grease interceptors for hotels, restaurants and catering businesses.

We provide a regular, scheduled service or call out on demand. 

All grease trap waste is transported to licensed treatment centers for re-cycling and we provide Waste Transfer Notes to comply with your Duty of Care.

Grease Trap Emptying

Kitchen grease traps should be emptied and cleaned regularly to ensure they function correctly, remain hygienic and do not start to allow fat, oil or grease into the sewer.

The frequency of emptying will depend on the type of grease trap installed, the tank capacity and the extent of usage. 

Grease traps need to be emptied long before they are full – generally when the fat content reaches around 25%.  Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and monitor the trap regularly.

To ensure your grease trap works effectively it is recommended that you: 

Signs that your grease trap is not functioning correctly include water draining slowly from sinks and drains attached to your trap, water backing up and not draining away, unpleasant odours coming from sinks and drains.

Our Service Area

Our tankers operate across Northamptonshire and all the surrounding counties.  We empty grease traps for businesses in the catering trade across 6 counties.  

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