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If your pump station or pump chamber needs emptying and cleaning Deddington Liquid Waste can provide you with a fast, professional tankering service. 

We empty and clean pumping stations and pump chambers, including sewage and storm water pumping stations for commercial and industrial business, and packaged sewage treatment plants for domestic customers.   

If required, we can co-ordinate our service with your pump maintenance engineers, arranging to attend on site at the time of servicing.

We work with the leading pump suppliers and can recommend expert engineers if you are experiencing difficulties with your installation or require repairs and replacement parts.

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Pump Chamber Emptying & Cleaning

Regular de-sludging is vital to the operation of the pumps in your sewage system, and it’s good practice to have the pump chamber emptied at the same time as the pump service.  

Removal of settled solids and surface scum that accumulate over time within the pump chamber will help to prolong the life of the pumps and prevent breakdowns that could lead to flooding.

To keep your pumps operating properly and reduce the risk of breakdowns the following should never be put down drains or toilets:

Flushing items such as wet wipes and sanitary products down the system can cause blockages in the pipes and the pump chamber.  Fats, oil and grease will cool rapidly and coagulate around the pumps and floats, causing pump failure.

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Our tankers operate across Northamptonshire and all the surrounding counties.  We empty septic tanks for homes and business in the countryside and villages across 6 counties.  

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